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Winter 2020 HaMMR

The Housing and Mortgage Market Review is Arch MI’s quarterly report that presents and analyzes key economic data, provides housing sector forecasts and information on long-term trends. Each issue of the Review features Arch MI’s proprietary MSA-Level and State-Level Risk Indexes, which estimate the probability house prices will be lower in a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) or state within two years.

Current Issue - Summer 2020

Housing Update Webinars

Get expert analysis of the current housing market. In our complimentary quarterly Housing Update webinars, HaMMR author and Arch’s Global Chief Economist, Dr. Ralph DeFranco, Ph.D., shares his thoughts on the current factors affecting housing and where the industry is headed in the coming year.

Listen to the Latest Recorded Webinar:

Summer 2020

Catch Up with Ralph DeFranco on Arch MI's HaMMR Blog

HaMMR℠ is published quarterly — but in between issues, our HaMMR Blog — authored by Ralph DeFranco, Ph.D. economist and recognized industry expert – will keep you updated on the latest housing market trends. Visit the HaMMR Blog for posts and videos of his analysis of housing data and house price risk as fresh updates come in.