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For loans not eligible for HARP, the EZ-Refi program may be an option to assist members with underwater mortgages.

Effective October 23, 2014 - Arch MI Announces Changes to the EZ-Refi Program
Effective with applications received by Arch MI on or after October 23, 2014, Arch MI is making important changes to our EZ-Refi program as follows:

  1. The minimum credit score is being increased to 620 from 580
  2. The maximum Loan to Value is being reduced to 100% LTV from 103% LTV

Read the EZ-Refi Program Guidelines.
Review a Comparison Summary for EZ-Refi, HARP Refi and Refinance-to-Modification.

Only loans currently insured by Arch MI may be considered under the program. A loan that falls within Arch MI's EZ-Refi Program is treated as a new insured loan and a new certificate number issued.

Since Arch MI is insuring the existing loan, loans that fall under this program are not subject to Arch MI's current Program Guidelines provided that the new loan improves the member's financial position. EZ-Refi loans are subject to Arch MI's premium rates in effect at the time of the submission.

  If the insured loan meets our EZ-Refi guidelines, it may be submitted through the EZ-Refi process and be insured with a new insurance certificate issued under our current premium rates.
  Eligibility is unrelated to investor or GSE requirements. Portfolio or private investors may be eligible.
  To submit a loan for this program, complete the Arch MI EZ-Refi Application form and fax it with the 1003/1008 to (888) 763-2264.
  Refinance loans that do not meet the Arch MI EZ-Refi Program eligibility may be eligible under the Arch MI Refi-to-Mod program or can be submitted as a Rate/Term Refinance under Arch MI’s Standard Program Guidelines.
  Refinance loans that meet Fannie Mae’s Home Affordable Refinance and Freddie Mac’s Relief RefinanceSM Programs should be submitted under the Arch MI Home Preservation Refinance Program.

The following process may be used for submitting your refinance loans to Arch MI:

You should receive a response within 48 business hours.

Questions? Unsure whether your member's loan qualifies for EZ-Refi? Call the Arch MI Underwriting Network at (888) 746-6264 or call your Arch MI Account Executive.

Current Certificate
To determine if the member’s loan is currently insured by Arch MI, please call our Customer Service team at (800) 909-4264. Credit unions with access to e-servicing can log in to ArchMIConnect.