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CONNECT Servicing

Arch Mortgage Insurance Company’s (Arch MI) web-based platform, CONNECT, expedites a number of time-consuming functions - policy servicing, default reporting, loss mitigation, and claims processing - within a safe and secure environment.

Policy Servicing

From certificate inquiry to loan sale update and premium history, CONNECT makes it quick and easy to service your policies across the entire life cycle.

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Secure online servicing makes it easy to access current policies and perform self-service functions. Here’s all you can do:

  • Review the status of a certificate.
  • Update your loan number; enter a loan closing date.
  • View premium history.
  • Perform service transfers and loan sales. Request a Payoff Estimate; terminate a certificate.
  • View and print your Commitment or Certificate of Insurance PDF.
  • Generate various reports: Cancelled Coverage; Premium Refund; Billing; Outstanding Commitment; EDI Transactions; Loan Characteristics and In-force Portfolio.

CONNECT also lets you upload and send your electronic documents directly to Policy Servicing.

Click here for Policy Servicing contact information.

Loss Mitigation

CONNECT is the fast route to viewing pending loss mitigation status or approved workouts and submitting a new loss mitigation workout.

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Need to get status on a loan right away? Take the fastest route to status and filing:

Submit New Loss Mitigation Workout

  • Simple single-page form.
  • Select from Pre-foreclosure Sale, Payment Plan, Deed in Lieu, SHARP, Forbearance or Loan Modification.
  • Data fields required are dynamic based on workout type selected.

View Pending Loss Mitigation Status

  • Real-time status.
  • View pending information requests.
  • View submitted workout details.

View Approved Workouts

  • Obtain decision and decision date for submitted workouts.

CONNECT also lets you upload and send your electronic documents directly to Loss Mitigation.

Click here for Loss Mitigation contact information.

Claims & Default Reporting

In just a fraction of the time it takes by phone, fax or mail, CONNECT allows you to report new delinquencies, update existing delinquencies and view delinquency status.

Do it all in a few easy clicks: view pending and paid claims, generate a claims status report, and file a claim.

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Delinquency Reporting

Save time and paperwork. Here's your one-stop resource for viewing delinquency status and much more:
  • Report or View Delinquent Loans.
    • Enter the certificate number you want to access and select, "Notice of Delinquency" from the left-hand menu.
    • Enter the requested information on the form and click "Submit."
  • Generate a Delinquency Turnaround Report.
    • Select "Delinquency Status" from the Report section in the left-hand menu.
    • Enter the requested information on the form and select "Web Page."
    • Enter updates on all delinquent records and click "Submit" (report is also available in a PDF/Microsoft® Excel® version from CONNECT Servicing).


Get a snapshot view of pending and paid claims in seconds:

  • File a Claim.
    • Simple Single Page form.
  • View Pending Claims.
    • View status in real time.
    • View pending document requests.
    • View submitted claim details.
    • Obtain contact information for specialist assigned to claim.
  • View Paid Claims.
    • View approved claim details.
    • Obtain EOB document in PDF format.
  • Generate a Claim Status Report.
    • Retrieve Status (pending, paid, or cancelled claims) for loans.
    • View status of Initial and Supplemental Claims.
    • Create report in PDF/Microsoft® Excel® formats.

CONNECT also lets you upload and send your electronic documents directly to Claims & Delinquency Reporting.

Click here for Claims & Delinquency Reporting contact information.

EDI Integration Options

Arch MI’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) information transfer and delivery system offers a range of services that interface directly with our customers’ information systems and Service Bureaus.

The following EDI services are currently available via Arch MI’s ediXML channel:

  • Billing & Payments.
  • Cancellation of Coverage.
  • Loan Number updates.
  • Service Transfers.
  • Loan Close Date updates.
  • Default Reporting.
  • Claims Submission.