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Payment Forbearance can be a useful tool to assist a borrower through a temporary hardship. Arch MI’s approval is not required for a forbearance agreement, provided no other terms of the Loan will be modified and no amount will be capitalized into the Loan balance. If you wish to forbear payments in conjunction with modification of the Loan terms, please contact Arch MI’s Loss Mitigation team. All GSE Loans are delegated and no additional approval is required when GSE guidelines are followed. Forbearances due to COVID-19 are expected to be reported to Arch MI in your regular monthly reporting. In order to avoid cancellation of a certificate that you want to keep in force during the forbearance, please continue to remit the mortgage premium during the forbearance period.

Arch MI’s Loss Mitigation specialists are ready to work closely with you to develop loss mitigation strategies through innovative programs designed to preserve homeownership, and to process workout requests in a timely manner. We also have resources available to assist you in reaching out to your borrowers to try to resolve defaults as satisfactorily as possible.

Loss Mitigation and Claims Contact Information

  • Loss Mitigation requests for short sales and deeds-in-lieu.
  • Foreclosure bidding instructions.
  • EO offer approvals
  • Claims filing instructions
  • Home Preservation Modifications

  7:30 am - 5:00 pm Pacific time


Modification Guide
Modification Request Form

Filing Claims

Claims can be filed through one of several methods, including fax, EDI transmission, or via the Internet through our secure ArchMIConnect® channel. Real-time claim status reporting is available through ArchMIConnect.

To set up access to EDI or ArchMIConnect, please contact our Claims department.