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Millennial members are concerned with:
  • Minimal funds for a down payment.
  • High debt load due to student loans.
  • Mortgage payment affordability on a starter income.

Meet the Millennial Mortgage – a Simple Solution that Offers:

  • Flexibility
    • 97% LTV, 3% down payments.
    • Low monthly payments (5/1, 7/1 ARMs eligible).
    • Increased savings from low monthly payments.
    • Minimum credit score 700.
  • Affordability
    • DTIs as high as 50%.
    • Extended loan terms (including 40-year) available.
    • Lower mortgage insurance coverage available.
  • Innovation
    • Newest solution by Portfolio Power (AMGC).
    • Qualify more millennials, retain their loans in portfolio with confidence.
    • Backed by AMGC, rated Baa1 by Moody's.

For more information, please read our flyer or contact your Arch MI Account Manager.